What is Oilskin and what are Waxed fabrics? How do they work?

Driza-Bone Oilskin and Waxed fabrics are a 100% cotton woven material, which has been coated or impregnated with a paraffin wax. The wax finish will naturally repel water and wind, making it ideal for outwear. Additionally, the 100% cotton base in the fabric means it is breathable and comfortable to wear. All Driza-Bone Oilskin and Waxed fabrics are Naturally Water Resistant, Windproof and Breathable. Each of our waxed fabrics have two classifications - Fabric Weight and Fabric Finish. Both are important when considering how the garment will be used.


Fabric weight refers to the density of the 100% cotton base fabric - Heavyweight, Midweight or Lightweight. The heavier weights tend to be more sturdy and durable, whereas the lighter weight fabrics are less bulky and easier to wear.


Fabric finish refers to the surface of the fabric and how it has been treated - Oilskin, Desert Wax or Dry Wax.
Each finish has it’s own unique qualities.


We have been crafting outerwear in our traditional Heavyweight Oilskin fabric for over 120 years/ The 100% cotton base ensures breathability, while the wax finish will naturally repel water and wind. Ideally suited to harsh working environments, for Heavyweight Oilskin is our most durable fabric and will protect you from the elements for years to come.
All Driza-Bone Heavyweight Oilskins are designed and crafted in Australia.


Our 100% cotton Midweight Dry Wax fabric provides a true wax finish which is naturally water resistant, windproof and breathable, but without any wax residue. Suitable for milder weather, we often use our Dry Wax fabric for unlined garments as this finish can be comfortably worn next to the body.
Dry Wax garments have the additional benefit of being able to be washed as per the care instructions in each garment.

Care for your Dry Wax Outerwear with our Driza-Bone Dry Wax Reproofer Spray


Naturally water resistant, windproof and breathable, our 100% cotton Desert Wax fabric is an evolved version of our traditional Oilskin. Finished by baking wax into the fabric, our Desert Wax fabric is much less oily to the touch in comparison to our traditional Oilskin.
Our Lightweight Desert Wax is a perfect option for those who don't have the heavy duty requirements of a working garment. Our Midweight Desert Wax is a great all-rounder no matter what your day brings.

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