Since 1898

As Australia’s original outerwear company, we sure have a story to tell.

Driza-Bone - Our Story


In 1898 a British Sailor Emilius Le Roy envisioned an all-weather, indestructible jacket made of old recycled ship sails that were treated with oil. His first iteration that was dubbed the first ‘Driza-Bone’ unfortunately was pretty flammable due to the use of linseed oil. 

Driza-Bone - Our Story


Later, T.E Pearson who was the son of E.J Pearson and the founder of Pearson Soap brought a consignment of LeRoy coats to Australia to rework the proofing process. It is this excellent formula that we still use to proof our coats today. 

Rugged Outerwear and Apparel since 1898

Driza-Bone - Our Story Driza-Bone - Our Story

Since 1898, Driza-Bone has become an Australian Icon being worn not only by stockmen but by politicians such as John Howard and George W Bush; Rockstars and models like Kate Moss and by the everyday Australian.

Driza-Bone - Our Story Driza-Bone - Our Story

Whether it’s wearing one to drove a mob of sheep across the central plains or throwing one on to keep dry at the footy, there’s nothing more quintessentially Australian than wearing a Driza-Bone. 

Celebrating 120 Years

Driza-Bone - Our Story Driza-Bone - Our Story

We believe that “things that are made properly will last & hard work bring many rewards” so we are committed to providing outerwear that is of the highest quality, Australian designed and made and is built to endure the test of time. All good jackets have a story to tell and that’s what makes Driza-Bone so special.

Driza-Bone - Our Story Driza-Bone - Our Story

A lot can happen in 120 years. From two world wars to the invention of the television, the evolution of the internet and the cure for polio, we've been here creating oilskin outerwear that is made to endure the test of time. We thank you and the generations before you for your continued support.

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