On The Road

 With The Vista

On The Road With The Vista
| 11 Oct 2019

On The Road With The Vista

Adventurers, Julia, Matt & their clan from The Vista recently embarked on a trip to Western Australia.

With a firm belief that travelling doesn't have to stop once your family starts, the Vista crew headed west decked out in their Driza-Bone's to discover some spots they hadn't visited before.

Read on to discover more about The Vista and their top Driza-Bone picks this season.
On The Road With The Vista
The Vista certainly provides aspiration for the modern family of travellers. What inspired you to create The Vista?
I grew up on a property in Northen NSW. My dad is a farmer so the opportunity to travel was always a tricky one. As soon as I hit my late teens, ALL I wanted to do was travel.  Somewhere along the line I just knew that I needed to make a dream job out of it!  At first, of course, it wasn't involving children but now it's all about the kids (except for those rare moments when Matty and I can sneak away - very rare!)
Tell us a little more about the Vista clan.
Matty and I met in Byron around 6 years ago. I was coming home after a stint in NYC, I worked in advertising, TV and events and he had a gallery in Brisbane.
We knew each other for a few years, fell in love and decided to move in together in Bronte. Had a gorgeous wedding with friends and family back at home here in Byron, and soon afterwards (after a big Mexican honeymoon) we were pregnant with Delilah, who just turned 3. Then along came Alby who is now 11months old.
A bit of trivia is that Alby's name was inspired by the great Aussie adventurer Alby Mangels ;)
We returned to the north coast around 3 years ago, this beautiful area is a wonderful place to live and come home to after all our destinations. Plus its just 20mins from my parents' farm, and it's so great having them close by.
On The Road With The Vista
What experiences are important to you as a family when on the road?
Travelling with children is always a different experience! Most of the time quite chaotic, however seeing the world through their eyes is the most beautiful thing. I always say you don't need to go far...sometimes it's as easy as a camping trip nearby, even sleeping under the stars in your own backyard can be fun. Its all about changing up the routine, getting into nature, learning new things and meeting new friends!.
Tell us more about the recent trip to WA. What did your itinerary involve?
For a start it was HUGE! We decided to visit our Uncle Rah (Strath) in Exmouth and go north from Perth - rather than south which is probably a more common and perhaps easier route... After a night on Rottnest Island we hit the road to Exmouth which at times was very desolate, but oh how extremely amazing. The Pinnacles, Hutt Lagoon, Kalbarri, and Geraldton were just a few stops to mention, however, once you reach this most North point of Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef be prepared to be blown away. The red earth desert meets the turquoise sea, it is heavenly.
Also, be very prepared for the drive. it took us around 15hrs up and 15hrs back with kids, stopping and sleeping in roadside motels along the route.
Is it all smooth sailing travelling as a family?
I always say "pack plenty of zen in your bag" you always need it. Things rarely go to plan - flexibility is key, and as much as you can try to remember that there will be highs and lows - but there will always be those magic moments that will stay with you forever :)
What was your favourite moment of the trip?
Reaching Exmouth and spending a day by the sea snorkelling through what seemed like a million fish and electric, rainbow gardens of coral, and an evening bushwalking through Cape Range National Park watching the sunset and a golden glow over the red plains. On this evening we met a dingo on the earth track and a regal wedge tail eagle - a reminder that we were in the Wild West a place were nature is much bigger and more powerful than us, always.
On The Road With The Vista
How does Driza-Bone resonate so well with your values?
Nature is key to all our lives, we want to be outdoors as much as we can. We first started wearing Drizabone coasts in Tasmania where the weather is so variable, packing these coats over all others always assures me that we are prepared for whatever may come - rain hail, snow or shine...
What are your top picks from our collection this season?
I always love a traditional oilskin, long coat - its so stylish and iconic. The new lightweight jacket additions are great too - especially to roll up into your carryon bag.
On The Road With The Vista
On The Road With The Vista
What’s next for The Vista?
We are about to head back to the Snowy Mountains in Nov - however this time in Summer. Apparently there is some great nature walks in this area. There is also some lovely accommodation to experience. It's important for us to explore Australia and support rural tourism as much as we can. Next year we will head back to the USA, Mexico and Europe around our domestic trips.
On The Road With The Vista
On The Road With The Vista