Designed To Last

| 29 Jan 2019

For 120 years, our traditional oilskins have been made right here in Australia, but did you know that two of our more modern and popular styles, The NorfolkThe Douglas are made right here in Melbourne? 

 We recently sat down with our designers about each jacket and why Melbourne is the place of choice for the creation of these two modern jackets.

Cutting Cutting

The Norfolk Jacket

The Norfolk is a reworked and more modern take on the Chore Coat. A chore coat was essentially one of the first coats designed specifically designed for work. Traditionally made from a light canvas fabric it’s purpose was to ensure the wearer remained warm and the jacket was hard wearing in tough conditions.  

When developing the Norfolk, we wanted to create a traditional coat that was more than just hard wearing - we wanted it to be weatherproof and a timeless wardrobe staple. We created the coat using updated fabric that included all of the weatherproof qualities of a traditional oilskin coat but without the oily feel that sometimes comes with an oilskin. After all, it’s designed to be an everyday jacket that will take you from season to season. 

Norfolk Jacket Norfolk Jacket

When creating the look of the jacket, we wanted it to be comfortable and with details that speak, such as the rounded pocket design, and the boxier fit. However, a rounded pocket is quite complex especially when trying to ensure consistency between coats and stitching details. In order to get this right we had to harness the skills of our Melbourne factory where the head craftsman was able to create the pocket templates from scratch and use a twinned needle to ensure consistency between each jacket. 

Norfolk 3 Norfolk 3

The Douglas

The Douglas is our work day to weekend jacket and exhibits a more minimal style compared to some of our other coats. We wanted to create a jacket that could be worn everyday, that’s incredibly lightweight and could be worn as the modern ‘Denim Jacket’. We encounter some difficulty when it came to the finishing of the inside of the jacket. In order for it to remain lightweight and a transeasonal jacket we needed it to remain unlined but exhibit a finished inner. Our Melbourne factory is highly skilled and ensures that each jacket is bound on the inside and has a welt seam for additional strength. 

Douglas Douglas

We couldn’t take this all in without seeing the craftsmanship that goes into these jackets ourselves so we headed down to our local Melbourne factory to take a sneak peek….

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