| 1 Sep 2018
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A lot can happen in 120 years. From two world wars to the invention of the television, the evolution of the internet and the cure for polio, we’ve been here creating oilskin outerwear that is made to endure the test of time.

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It all began when a British sailor Emilius Le Roy used recycled lightweight ship sails to create the first waterproof Driza-Bone Coat. It was proofed with linseed oil which awkwardly was flammable which made sitting around the campfire particularly risky.

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Later, T.E Pearson who was the son of E.J Pearson the founder of Pearson Soap brought a consignment of Leroy coats to Australia and began to rework the proofing process to ensure that the jackets weren’t flammable and that the oil didn’t dry and crack the jackets in the sun. Our reproofing process has remained unchanged ever since.

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Since 1898 we’ve forged a place in Australian history with our garments being worn by farmers, stockmen, politicians, rock stars and athletes in Australia and around the world.

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120 years is a long time, and we thank you and the generations before you for the continued support. Without you, we might not be where we are today. Cheers to 120 years.