Driza-Bone Winter 2019

Behind The Scenes

Winter 19
| 19 May 2019


For over 120 years, we have been renowned for our authentic, durable, high quality, Australian outerwear that lasts the test of time.

Looking to the future, the Winter 2019 collection was inspired by Australia’s rugged landscapes, deep blue oceans and sun-scorched desert. Tones such as Russet, Moss, Navy and Olive feature prominently across the range, complimented by classic Driza-Bone styles reimagined, with exceptional fabrics that naturally repel and protect you from the harshest elements.

With less than a week until launch, we’ll take you behind the scenes.

BTS - Winter 2019 BTS - Winter 2019
BTS - Winter 2019 BTS - Winter 2019

Set in the Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, our day started on a local farm in Trentham, Victoria.
A chilly 8° morning in true Victorian style, we put our outerwear to the test as we watched the sun rise over the Macedon Ranges.

As the day progressed, we worked our way through the property and then ended the day in Malmsbury. The magnificent, rusticated, bluestone Malmsbury Bridge by the Coliban River was the perfect setting to capture our classic Ladysmith Jacket in Russet. As the sun set as we photographed the last style in our women's collection – the beautiful Lyndhirst jacket in Moss.

BTS - Winter 2019 BTS - Winter 2019
BTS - Winter 2019 BTS - Winter 2019

Winter 2019, didn't just deliver an exciting campaign and range of new wardrobe staples, it let us discover first hand, the magnificent beauty of the land we call home. 

Join us in the countdown...
BTS - Winter 2019 BTS - Winter 2019